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What is the "Freedom Tech" Movement?

From the earliest days of the Internet, an ongoing struggle has existed between those who would use the immense potential of this new technology to control or suppress human freedom, and those who would use it to empower the individual and promote human flourishing. This struggle has taken many forms over the decades, starting with the cryptoanarchists in the 1980’s and the cypherpunks of the 1990’s, both of which shared a common goal of enabling individual freedom through the use of cutting-edge technology.

Founders of the Cypherpunk movement: Timothy C. May (author of The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto), Eric Hughes (author of A Cypherpunk's Manifesto), and John Gilmore (co-founder of the EFF). Source
Founders of the Cypherpunk movement: Timothy C. May (author of The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto), Eric Hughes (author of A Cypherpunk's Manifesto), and John Gilmore (co-founder of the EFF). Source

Just as us humans strive for freedom, information in the digital age “longs to be free.” The “freedom tech” movement is a burgeoning grassroots movement that aims to encourage the optimistic, untethered development and use of technologies by people from all backgrounds, languages, and cultures across the globe. Freedom tech allows us to slow a rise in authoritarianism, fight back against encroaching surveillance capitalism, and empower journalists, dissidents, and activists everywhere.

Information does not just want to be free, it longs to be free.
- A Cypherpunk's Manifesto by Eric Hughes (1993)

We believe that the freedom tech movement closely aligns with that of the open source movement, and we hold the ideals of free and open-source software closely. While the freedom tech movement has no central authority or leader to dictate its aims, we have laid out the aspects of technology we consider vital to the movement below.  Freedom tech should be:

  1. Free and open source
  2. Without usage restrictions
  3. Privacy-preserving
  4. Resistant to censorship

Quite simply, "freedom tech" is technology that empowers you.

How can you help?

This freedom tech movement can only spread quickly when we each do our part to build freedom tech and/or educate those around us, as this movement carries no marketing budget or central company to drive its growth. If the ideals laid out here strike a chord with you, here are some key ways that you can aid the spread of freedom and human flourishing through actionable steps.

Write your story

Freedom.Tech thrives when its writers and contributors are from diverse backgrounds, as we each have a unique view and voice that we can use to promote the spread of freedom via the written word. While we will of course be writing stories and posts here ourselves, we would love to amplify and feature your unique stories and content here on Freedom.Tech. Get some inspiration from the articles already on Freedom.Tech, or branch off into an area like these:

  • A privacy tool you love and use regularly.
  • A development in the privacy or open-source space that’s important for freedom.
  • New privacy or open-source tools you’re building.
  • Stories of government encroachment on individual freedom and how citizens fight back using technology.
  • Stories shining a light on the work of journalists and dissidents pushing back on authoritarian regimes.

Have a story you want to share here? Contact us with your pitch and we’ll get you setup as a contributor.

Contact Us
We want Freedom.Tech to be more than just a one-way conversation, so we’d love to hear from you all! We’ve setup several ways to get in touch, all of which allow you to preserve your privacy. Have thoughts to add about a blog post? Want to tip us off

Collaborate with others

If you read a story or a feature about a tool that resonates with you here, take a few minutes and connect with the author or developers behind it! There are always ways that you can learn more or help support what they are doing, and building a network of freedom-focused individuals around you will strengthen the freedom tech movement.

Join the Conversation
If you’ve been inspired by content here on freedom.tech and want to connect with like-minded individuals, we’ve created a couple of group chats to do just that. We’ve intentionally chosen privacy-preserving chat platforms for this purpose, so we’ve settled on Signal and SimpleX as the home for our c…

To connect with an author, simply click on their profile picture at the top of any article to learn more and find their contact info.

Support freedom tech projects

When you find and use a powerful tool that fits well into your toolkit, it can be easy to forget to do more than simply use it. But you have a unique ability to help support and grow the projects you love in several ways:

Share them with others.

No matter the size of your social circle, spreading the word about freedom tech helps show others how they can opt out of a broken world of technology and choose freedom.

Support them financially.

Projects that are open-source can often struggle with funding unless their users take the time and energy to say thank you to the developers and support their work through donations.

Not sure where to start?

Check out our post on how to donate to some of our favorite projects here.